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We Are Your Specialist Mortgage Recruiters

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by simplifying the recruitment process for both candidates and clients. The old school methods of face to face screening, hard-selling and handing out false promises won’t be found at Placing Faces.

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Placing Faces

Placing Faces launched in January 2016, originally as Exella Recruitment Specialists Limited and rebranded in January 2021. The vision was to steer away from the ‘high street’ recruitment methods that are so commonly seen. Recruiters are taught to fish for information from candidates, use them as a gateway into another agency’s clients, made to hit targets such as CV submissions, which then leads to clients being sent CVs which are hardly relevant and candidates being given false hope. At Placing Faces we offer a friendly, honest approach. If we cannot directly help you then we will point you in the right direction, if we can then we will give it our all and make sure that communication is paramount throughout. Of course, why should you take our word for it – we kindly ask for you give us a try and experience our modern recruitment yourself. Our old branding and name was too corporate hence the new look, what you are looking at right now should hopefully give you an idea of the kind of people you will speak to on the other end.

What We

At Placing Faces we split our agency into 3 key sectors – Mortgages, IFA & Property. We have specialist recruiters working in each of the sectors so you know that the person on the end of the phone not only has the clients, or candidates relevant to you, but also a great deal of knowledge about your role/s. This helps when it comes to terminology, how many agencies can openly talk about Lautro rates, clawback and proc fees to a mortgage and protection advisor, because we can. We have an understanding of the qualifications and experience that is required for each role that we work on. These are the reasons that we don’t do face to face screening, we know the questions to ask over the phone to make sure that our candidates and clients are a perfect match. If you are in one of our specialist sectors and looking for work, or looking for candidates then please get in touch.