How has the Bridging Industry Changed in 15 Years?

3 November 2021

By relative standards, the UK’s bridging sector is in its infancy. While bridging loan products have existed as a form of specialist finance in earnest since the 1960s, in truth it is only in recent years that the market has carved out a meaningful share of the finance industry.

A number of factors have underpinned this surge in growth. Market Financial Solutions (MFS) recently celebrated its 15th birthday, making us one of the elder organisations of the sector. In those 15 years, of course, the industry has changed immeasurably – marking this milestone as an opportunity to reflect on the fluctuating fortunes of the property market and the bridging sector within it.

In 2006, when MFS first began providing bridging loan products, there were a small cohort of lenders offering similar products in what was considered a niche corner of the financial services world.

Unfortunately, during those early years, the bridging industry, suffered with the of predatory lending. Indeed, one of the overwhelmingly positive trends for the sector in the time that has elapsed since is the shaking of this image, with bridging products now seen as a legitimate, worthwhile, and dependable source of finance among brokers and property investors.

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