Salaries in the Mortgage Market: Post-COVID Trends

Ey up you lovely lot! We hope October has treated you well, we can’t believe it’s November already! Today, we’re talking about MONEY. That’s right, the topic people equally love and hate at the same time. Why does it still feel awkward to bring up this subject in conversation? It’s 2023, people deserve to be given […]

A Four-Day Working Week – The Benefits…

A typical working day involves an early-morning wake-up, a stressful commute, and the standard 9-5. We might be late to the party, but the modern UK office is finally changing. Here’s to the four-day working week! 100 UK companies are adopting a four-day working week, with no loss of pay. Commencing in June 2022, the […]

How will the rising cost of living affect my mortgage?

Man' feet with shoes and cost of living and salary transition graphs

The rising cost of living in recent months means many of us will have seen huge increases in our monthly expenditure. In what has been dubbed the “cost of living crisis”, many households are now struggling to make ends meet. As inflation has hit us at 7% this year, but wages are stagnant. There have […]