The Most Expensive Houses In The UK

The Most Expensive Houses in the UK 

As recruiters in the mortgage market, we have a natural interest in property so we decided to take a look at some of the most expensive houses in the UK. All in the name of … curiousness!

Barrington Hall

A personal favourite is the spacious 7-bedroom property, Barrington Hall. A Georgian home located in Hertfordshire with 41 acres of its very own parkland. This mansion even has an indoor swimming pool, a wine cellar, and a horse’s stable! This property was on the market last year for £15,000,000 if you can spare it! Imagine how you could fill your days here!

Mamhead House

Mamhead house is a sixteen-bedroom mansion plonked in the Devonshire countryside. Built in 1833, entirely using Bath stone, this property is likened to a ‘fairytale castle’ with a view of the East Devon coast. 

This picturesque property is surrounded by woodland for miles, and is on the market for almost 8 million pounds! Fancy it?

Ashington Lodge

This property is so vast that it contains a nine-hole golf course in the back garden and the fairway is big enough to land a plane on! Ashington Lodge stretches across 76 acres of land and is just five miles away from the oldest town in England – Colchester. Currently listed on the market for £4,000,000. 

Hillend Farm

Hillend Farm in Hertfordshire is on the market for £8,500,000. There is an awe-inspiring 100 acres of countryside surrounding this property. The interior combines a traditional and modern style to create this beautiful mansion. 

Arragon Mooar Estate

This house is situated in the Isle of Man and is known for its unique Palladian architecture. It is currently available on the market if you have a spare £30,000,000! This property is owned by the famous inventor Dr John C Taylor OBE who is one of the leaders in creating one of the first English clocks! He assisted with the development of this stunning property, covering 23,000 square feet and built in red sandstone.