The Average Salaries For Mortgage & Protection

We have spent time collating some research in our industry, compiling the average salary of various mortgage roles in different areas of the UK. The first role we explored is a ‘Mortgage Underwriter’- the average salary of this position in the UK is reported to be around £39,000. However, this varies from region to region. In Yorkshire, the salary for these employees is typically around £24,500, not including commission or bonuses. This vastly differs with the average salary of this role based in London, which falls between £38k and £40k. However, in other areas of southern England, such as Bournemouth and Portsmouth, the annual salary matches Yorkshire, with an average between £23k and £26k. In the midlands, throughout cities such as Birmingham and Leicester, the average salary is slightly more, at £30,000. 

The next role we researched is a Mortgage Broker/Advisor position around England. In areas such as Leeds and Sheffield, Yorkshire appears to have a more parallel salary with other areas, averaging at £45,000. Areas in the midlands such as Birmingham similarly averages out between £45,000 and £47,000 for a Mortgage Broker position. Bournemouth and surrounding cities by the south coast have an average basic salary for a Mortgage Advisor role at around £48,000. The salary for these positions are more comparable to London’s average basic, typically paying their staff between £47,000 and £50,000. 

We also looked at Mortgage Administrator/Processor roles, where cities in Yorkshire had an average basic salary of approximately £19,000 per annum. Equally, the salary in the midlands, such as Birmingham, averages between £20,000 and £21,000 per year. In London, the average salary appears to be higher again, at around £25,000- £27,000 for Mortgage Admin and Processor roles. However, the other areas in the south we researched, such as Bournemouth and Southampton, had an average salary between £20,000 and £21,0000, matching the midlands. 

The final role in the mortgage industry we explored is a Protection Advisor. In London, we found the average salary for this role was at £30,000. The salary of Northern-based cities falls below this, with Leeds having an average of £25,000. Our findings for the yearly earnings on the south coast were similar, with an average salary between £24,000 and £26,000. Similarly, in the midlands, cities such as Birmingham have an average salary for a Mortgage & Protection Advisor between £25k and £27k.