Bridging lending hits over £190m in third quarter

9 November 2021

Bridging lending has returned to the highest levels seen since 2018, according to data from more than a dozen packagers in the sector.

Gross lending by contributors to the survey hit £190.24m in the third quarter of this year, which is the highest volume recorded since Q4 2018.

Lending was up by 30% on £146.52m the previous quarter and by 65% on £115.52m in Q3 2020.

Contributors attributed the growth to strong housing market activity ahead of the tapering down of the stamp duty holiday.

It represents the highest volume seen since £201.57m in the final quarter of 2018. 

The research combines bridging loan completions from several specialist finance packagers: Adapt Finance, Brightstar Financial, Capital B, Clever Lending, Complete FS, Enness Global, Finanta, Impact Specialist Finance, LDNfinance, Optimum Commercial, Sirius Group, and UK Property Finance.

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