Five Mistakes that Make your Home More Vulnerable to Burglaries

25 August 2021

You may do all of the usual checks before leaving the house – like shutting all the windows, locking the door, setting an alarm – and think that’s job done. Even though your house may be locked while you’re out and about, it doesn’t necessarily mean all your contents will be safe.

Although you might not even realise it, there are simple mistakes we make every day which can actually expose our homes, making them more vulnerable to burglaries.

That’s why a team of home security experts from have highlighted some of the more obscure mistakes we’re making that could be putting our homes at risk.

That burglar alarm may not be as reliable as you think…

Having a To Let sign up that shows the number of bedrooms

Sticking a note to the door for the postman when you’re not in

Check your deadlock is working

Double check what you’re posting on social media

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