How building your own home could soon get easier

24 August 2021

Building your own home could soon become easier after the government gave its approval to proposals to ‘scale up’ the self-build and custom-build markets.

There are thousands of people keen to design and build their own home from scratch but due to legislation, tax and other hurdles it has not been an easily accessible route to homeownership.

However, a review commissioned by the Prime Minister, aims to change this and has been examining how the self-build market can help to boost the overall housing supply in the country by creating more choice and affordable options for people.

It offers steps which government is urged to take to make self-build a major contributor to new homes in the UK.

The ‘Bacon Review’ – named after Richard Bacon MP, who is leading the examination – lists a number of steps the government must take in order to achieve this.

They include setting up a specific ‘plot delivery team’ to ensure there are readily available designated places to build the new properties.

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