The Perks of Using a Specialist Recruiter

We’ve been in business since 2016 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the mortgage and property service sectors. This makes us not only a trusted and reliable agency for candidates looking for work, but a valuable resource and partner for clients recruiting in our sectors. So, why should you use a specialist recruiter?

This image shows how specialist recruiters source talent out of hundreds of applicants

What are the benefits as a client?

As a client, you may feel you can’t justify the expense of a recruiter’s fee. But we are worth our weight in gold! We take the time and stress out of the hiring process, leaving you more time to focus on business. forget sifting through hundreds of CV’s, or spending valuable hours interviewing unsuitable candidates. We are specialists in your industry, so can find and recruit top talent for your company, matching them with jobs they’ll love.

Here’s five perks of using a specialist recruiter to source your talent:

  1. The obvious one is industry knowledge –

You can tell us exactly what you need. We understand what good figures look like, how each specialism differs (new homes, bridging, buy to let), and we understand the qualifications that are needed. We know which companies are making staff redundant, and which companies are making their staff unhappy. Most importantly, we know where to find the best mortgage brokers / mortgage administrators / mortgage underwriters.

Image showing how knowledge is vital for specialist recruiters to differentiate themselves
  1. Invaluable networking relationships –

We spend day after day speaking to people in the mortgage industry. Our database is extensive; as soon as you tell us what you need and where you need them to be located, we can instantly reach out to on your behalf. We have good relationships with mortgage brokers where other non-specialist recruiters may not. We have plenty of candidates from the industry that are always open to new roles, so we contact them every time a new opportunity arises in their area.

  1. Quality over quantity: CVs

Less CVs but better quality. We understand what you need, so you won’t have to sift through a bulk of CVs. We screen candidates properly, so by the time you get a CV from us, you know they’re along the lines of who you are looking for.

  1. Specialist recruiters are cost effective 

At the end of the day, we offer a service that costs money. While some companies may cringe at the notion of paying to outsource recruitment, the benefits massively outweigh the initial expense. Lets be real, turnover is expensive, and hiring an unsuitable candidate not only costs money, but time, resources, and progress. As a specialist recruiter, we focus on filling quality mortgage and protection roles with quality people. A small fee is as cheap as chips in the long-term.

Image displaying the cost effectiveness of using a specialist recruiter
  1. We are independent 

As outsiders, we are willing and able to ask more direct questions that you, as an employer, may feel are too personal. This can provide a more realistic insight into finances, personal goals and interests – essential when searching for the best candidate. Candidates tend to be more open when discussing jobs with a recruiter, which allows us to streamline our pool of faces.

Why should candidates use a specialist recruiter?

Navigating the mortgage and property industry can be daunting, time-consuming and confusing. Between endless searching for vacancies, rewriting cover letters and preparing for interviews, the whole process can be a overwhelming.

Instead of tackling your job search alone, we help you manage the ‘workload’ of job searching. We can also propel you straight to the top hiring clients – businesses that we have established professional relationships with. Our support goes above and beyond, seeing you through the entire process, right up to your successful interview! And on top of that, as a candidate, our service is absolutely free of charge! 

If you’re still unsure whether you could do with our help, take a look at our list of benefits below: 

  1. A more tailored job search

As specialist recruiters, we know our clients so well and understand the requirements of their available roles. This means we can direct your CV towards the best-suited vacancies for you as a candidate. By specialising in mortgage and property recruitment, we offer your CV to clients who are actively looking for people like YOU.

  1. Making the job hunt more manageable

It’s the worst feeling applying for loads of roles, and getting just a couple of responses. It’s even worse when those responses are rejections with no constructive feedback. We have an organised system to manage clients and job-seekers simultaneously. First, we form your application, then send your CV to one of our targeted clients. From there, we will then follow up on your application, arrange interviews and provide updates and feedback. Our aim is to take the weight off your shoulders and lay the groundwork for you to show up and shine!

  1. Guidance & Support

Our experience allows us to know details about the employer that other applicants may not. This alleviates the stress of walking blindly into an interview, and can give you the upper hand against non-agency candidates. We advise you about the questions you might face, how to tailor your CV for a specific company, and coach you on interview techniques. When preparing for interviews, we offer specialist support so you can present yourself in the best light. If worst comes to worst and you aren’t successful, it’s not the end of the road! We will provide feedback about why you may have been overlooked and tips for going forward.

  1. Well Networked  

We strive to maintain great relationships with various hiring managers and consistently engage with the top employers in the mortgage and property industry. Acting as your personal ambassadors, we utilise our extensive networks to drive your CV exactly where it needs to go. As the first point of contact for companies expanding their teams, we get the first scoop on opportunities before they’re ever advertised. We can give you a heads up so you can be one of the first considered – and hopefully hired!

Image showing our networking ability
  1. Over and above industry expertise

Our level of expertise makes us well-versed in industry lingo, and we can break down the requirements of your potential employers. This comes in handy when offering role-specific tips and CV suggestions to make your application stand out from the crowd. With clarity on what’s expected, and an informed insight into the market, you’ve got the upper-hand. Similarly, since we’re specialists in the mortgage and property industry, we are equipped with in-depth knowledge of salary benchmarks and benefits you can expect from certain roles. 

So, now you know why you should use a specialist recruiter if you’re looking to fill vacancies at your company, or if you’re a candidate on the job hunt! Get in touch with us today – we’re happy to help with any queries you may have regarding our service.

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