Top Rental Tips

10 August 2021

GoodMove have revealed the top five ways to renovate a rented property to make the space feel like yours, while advising on top tips to remember when moving into a rental.


Many landlords will let you paint walls in your home, and this is a great way of really making the property feel yours, all you need to do is ask them first. Whether it’s a statement wall in the bedroom or a pop of colour in the living room, painting is a great way to add your touch to a rented property and make it feel like it’s your space.

Make a statement with the floor

Completely changing the flooring in your rented property is a costly job that may go against the terms of your tenancy agreement, but a good way of changing up the flooring is by adding a statement rug to your space or even Lino. This will totally transform your room, and as many rented properties have wooden flooring, it helps to make it feel more cosy and homely too.

Add accessories

Make non-permanent changes to existing furniture

Update the outdoor space

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