CV Writing: High-Impact Resumes For Success In The Mortgage Industry

In the ever-evolving job market, where competition is fierce and opportunities are sought after, having a standout CV is crucial. This is especially true when aspiring to find a role in a niche industry such as mortgages. The mortgage industry is dynamic, full of diverse roles each demanding a unique skill set and experience. To […]

Jobs in the Mortgage and Finance Industry

Mortgage advisor jobs

About the Mortgage and Finance Industry The mortgage and finance industry is a great one to work in, with jobs offering great development opportunities and rates of pay. Despite challenges in recent years – Brexit, the pandemic and inflation to name just a few – careers in this industry are a great choice in the […]

The evolution of payment transactions: The 5 C’s

£20 and £50 notes, with an open wallet and a Monzo bank card

In a Radio 1 “What’s my age again?” game kind of fashion, you can probably guess someone’s age by asking them how they paid for their morning paper. Actually, the morning paper probably suggests they’re 60+ if it’s not an app on their phone! It’s fair to assume that no one reading this has ever […]

Office Life: Placing Faces from Sum Studios

Grade II listed Victorian school building, with Sum Studios sign on the front.

Placing Faces’ home is at SUM Studios, in Sheffield. The building itself is a Grade II listed Victorian school. First named Gleadless Road School, then it became Anns Grove School in 1980. Overlooking the Heeley Millennium Park in the heart of Heeley, Sheffield, the school complex consisted of a nursery, infants and junior school, and […]

3 types of Recruitment: What is the difference between…

A selection of resumes for the recruitment process

In the recruitment industry, there are 3 main types of recruitment: Contingency, Exclusive, and Retained. So what is the difference between them? As a candidate, you should be able to recognise which kind of recruiter has been in touch with you. As an employer, you should consider which type of recruitment suits your business needs […]