Rejected, again?! How to understand job rejections & move forward

Job rejections are a normal and integral part of the job search, but they can seriously affect your morale. If you’ve applied for numerous jobs and received rejection after rejection, you might begin to question your self-worth. The truth is, rejection is completely NORMAL in the world of employment – and it’s actually super important […]

How much do recruiters charge and why? Here’s why we’re worth it

Image displaying fees

Recruitment is big business. A multi-billion pound industry in fact. And we’re not going anywhere. But how do we charge for our services? And why does our work deserve such fees? Most clients are completely accepting of our fees, understanding that they are getting a specialist recruiter for a low fee. Others just instantly say, […]

The Perks of Using a Specialist Recruiter

We’ve been in business since 2016 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the mortgage and property service sectors. This makes us not only a trusted and reliable agency for candidates looking for work, but a valuable resource and partner for clients recruiting in our sectors. So, why should you use a specialist recruiter? […]

Questions to ASK and AVOID in a Job Interview

“So, do you have any questions for me?” Ever reached this point in an interview? Then you’ll not want to be caught off guard. The best type of interview is a conversation. However, some candidates will internally panic at the prospect of leading the rest of the conversation; this blog intends to dispel those fears […]

A Four-Day Working Week – The Benefits…

A typical working day involves an early-morning wake-up, a stressful commute, and the standard 9-5. We might be late to the party, but the modern UK office is finally changing. Here’s to the four-day working week! 100 UK companies are adopting a four-day working week, with no loss of pay. Commencing in June 2022, the […]

Jobs in Mortgages: What will my salary look like?

House keyring

Over the last couple of years, coinciding with Covid, people have been re-evaluating what is important to them in their working lives. For many, their earnings are not their main focus anymore. People value flexibility much more, with more hybrid and remote roles being searched for. The quest for a good work/life balance. People have […]

The top job boards: a recruiters’ opinion

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Obviously being a recruitment agency, we do take an interest in how the job boards perform.  We did a little of our own research and asked clients, candidates and our social media followers where they would typically go to look for new jobs and opportunities.  This is what we found: CV Library: 4% Reed: 10% […]

Global Recruiter Awards 2022, “Best Brand” Finalists!

Global Recruiter Awards FInalist image

We are “reyt” excited to have been selected as a finalist in the Global Recruiter Awards this year! We still can’t quite believe it! And what better category than for “Best Employer Brand”, because we think we’ve built a pretty decent brand! Our vision for our business is becoming reality! From the beginning When we […]

Office Life: Placing Faces from Sum Studios

Grade II listed Victorian school building, with Sum Studios sign on the front.

Placing Faces’ home is at SUM Studios, in Sheffield. The building itself is a Grade II listed Victorian school. First named Gleadless Road School, then it became Anns Grove School in 1980. Overlooking the Heeley Millennium Park in the heart of Heeley, Sheffield, the school complex consisted of a nursery, infants and junior school, and […]

Our top 6 interview tips

Job interview in progress. One candidate sat opposite 5 members of an interview panel.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen many industries change the way they’re working. The most obvious shift has been the remote/hybrid roles introduced across many sectors. So you’re writing an awesome CV ready to submit (or at least trying to! See if we can help HERE) But what about BEFORE you land […]