New Year, New Career: Setting and Achieving Career Resolutions

Hey there! We hope you’re all having a banging start to 2024 – January has been looong though, no? As we’re well into a brand-new year now, it’s time to shake off the January blues and focus on what really matters – your career! Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of why you might be […]

Knowledge is Power: Mastering the Mortgage Jargon Jungle

The world of mortgages and finance can often feel like a foreign land where the language spoken is full of jargon and acronyms that seem to defy any understanding. However, fear not, for this blog will be your guide in untangling the web of complex terminology that you might come across if you’re speaking to […]

How to Get the Most Out of Working with a Recruiter


Are you a hiring manager on the hunt for fresh talent in the mortgage, property or financial industry? Are you thinking of outsourcing your candidate search? Perhaps your company is already in discussions about working with a recruiter, and you need some tips on maximising your experience as a client?  In this blog, we’ll help […]

The Perks of Using a Specialist Recruiter

We’ve been in business since 2016 and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the mortgage and property service sectors. This makes us not only a trusted and reliable agency for candidates looking for work, but a valuable resource and partner for clients recruiting in our sectors. So, why should you use a specialist recruiter? […]

The top job boards: a recruiters’ opinion

Display of paperwork, including a CV and coffee mug

Obviously being a recruitment agency, we do take an interest in how the job boards perform.  We did a little of our own research and asked clients, candidates and our social media followers where they would typically go to look for new jobs and opportunities.  This is what we found: CV Library: 4% Reed: 10% […]

Global Recruiter Awards 2022, “Best Brand” Finalists!

Global Recruiter Awards FInalist image

We are “reyt” excited to have been selected as a finalist in the Global Recruiter Awards this year! We still can’t quite believe it! And what better category than for “Best Employer Brand”, because we think we’ve built a pretty decent brand! Our vision for our business is becoming reality! From the beginning When we […]

Office Life: Placing Faces from Sum Studios

Grade II listed Victorian school building, with Sum Studios sign on the front.

Placing Faces’ home is at SUM Studios, in Sheffield. The building itself is a Grade II listed Victorian school. First named Gleadless Road School, then it became Anns Grove School in 1980. Overlooking the Heeley Millennium Park in the heart of Heeley, Sheffield, the school complex consisted of a nursery, infants and junior school, and […]

How will the rising cost of living affect my mortgage?

Man' feet with shoes and cost of living and salary transition graphs

The rising cost of living in recent months means many of us will have seen huge increases in our monthly expenditure. In what has been dubbed the “cost of living crisis”, many households are now struggling to make ends meet. As inflation has hit us at 7% this year, but wages are stagnant. There have […]

The Mortgage Market: A Decade of Change

how the mortgage market has changed

The mortgage market has evolved massively over the last 10 years so as to keep up with the demand of the housingmarket. Today, the number of companies you can choose to take your mortgage with is vast but typically falls into two categories: mortgage brokers and banks. According to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) figures, in […]